The Reconnection

The Reconnection® reconnects you to your “personal life path”, which becomes more and more clear in your consciousness during the months that follow.


You will find you are more intuitive, more « awake » in making your decisions.  Often your talents will become more apparent, becoming stronger – gifts which may have lain dormant for a long time and are now “reawakened”.  


At times we are living a personal life or work situation which does not  « resonate ».  After a Reconnection the person will often feel an increased desire to change these situations.  Often these situations have been tolerated for too long and have now become “imperative to change” - quickly.   In this instance you will find the courage and strength you didn’t have before.
You may feel compelled to : Go back to school, change your job, move house – all with a positive energy necessary for your own personal happiness.  The Reconnection helps remind you who you are: light, love, peace and joy.


The Reconnection activates new axational lines to connect you to the earth’s energy grid, parallel dimensions and to the source.  It is a reconnection to the Universe.
The Reconnection is done in person during two sessions – spaced 24 hours apart – and only once in the lifetime of the client.


333 euros



I am a member of  the AFPLR (l’Association Française de Praticiens de la Reconnexion) and follow the method & teachings as taught by Eric Pearl and adhere to the ethical chart as set out at: