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QHHT® Hypnosis / BQH® / Introspective Hypnosis

Iit was clear that something had been cleared during our session, something that somehow triggered a set of responses, as if I knew very old things I forgotten about where finally being re-set right back where they belonged.

Like an old automate switched on again after a long time and suddenly starting to perform a series of natural movements, to do what it was always supposed to do…finally ending up in its original rightful optimal position…

Your session truly is a “gift that keeps on giving”…


There were some immediate benefits, the main one being that I was able to complete a major puzzle for which the final key piece had been missing for so long I had forgotten about it; a past experience (re-lived before but not yet quite understood), with such a horrid traumatic ending I could never until then fathom or explain why I had had to endure so much pain was confirmed to be in fact a careful plan to pass,thanks to the trauma, onto my following lives a feeling of failure, of not having been able to protect, of having failed my peers and loved ones…
with the intention to then limit my confidence and resulting my powers and ability as healer, lightworker…

And I was not alone, many many died together during that war so the plan set in motion by these ancient dark entities did succeed for a while... but you have now enabled me through seeing and understanding all of this to claim back my confidence and legitimacy! 


How can I ever thank you enough for this ?


The most powerful “ongoing” vision I had during the session and which is still very much present in me today interestingly enough because at the time I “experienced it” it did not seem really eventful…
I was a white bison, in a field, with my tribe doing nothing else other than “being and looking out for each other”…  my conscious mind briefly even questioned & wondered whether I was pulling this out of a book; but I still feel now and almost daily the extraordinary strength of the animal;


The power I felt then, rising through the centre of the earth through the legs in my body all the while being connected with the open blue sky and cosmic energies is now allowing me to feel mighty strong and untouchable.


So, today I am not quite sure who I should dedicate this review to as it is hard to say really how much is based on a technique and how much actually does come from you Chantal so I will thank and recognise both (although I do suspect your talent, empathy and extraordinary intuition are the one that contributed the most).

With much gratitude, powerful energies and love
(Coralie - Nice)


The Introspective Hypnosis session was amazing.  I recommend Chantal if you want a session, she is caring and dedicated. A shift was made regarding a limiting belief I had. The time and energy invested are going to be far better than anywhere else you could imagine. (Bernice - New York)


I did a QHHT session with Chantal about 2 and a half years ago. It completely changed my perspective on my life, my being, my Essence and the life on Planet Earth.  It was a most unexpected travel in time and space. It helps me enourmously to see the bigger picture of my life and Life in general.

Chantal guides you very smoothly from mere talking into an other state of awareness, very unlike Ericsonien hypnosis. And you are completely aware of what you are seeing and saying. The session is taperecorded because there are so many details that you forget in time.


I am very gratefull for this experience and am still in contact with Chantal. January 18th 2021

A.M. - Dordogne



Thank you, Chantal, for facilitating yet again another amazing BQH Zoom session.


Having experienced two QHHT sessions in your charming location in France and two zoom BQH session here in Spain, spread over the past few years.  I AM AMAZED how each one has been a life changing session ,so informative, helpful on so many levels physically and spiritually , always bringing clarity, light and opening portals of new opportunities for growth.

Your gentle kind manner always intuitively knows how to skillfully guide me through out each session to obtain the best possible results from each unique experience.

Much love and appreciation, 

(Linda - UK/SPAIN)



I am doing great since my QHHT session.  I haven't had any sort of depression, my meds have been cut to the lowest dose.  I have more energy, patience and generally feel like a new person. 


I can't thank you enough.  My life has changed so much. 

(Anonymous, Montauban)



I had been reading Dolores Cannon's books for awhile and really wanted to find out what insight I could gain into my own life purpose. I was really happy to find that Chantal only lived a couple of hours away from me and spoke English.


The session was deeper than I expected although I was mostly conscious of what was happening, I was in contact with something that felt much bigger than everyday "me".


It was like the answers to my questions were known, and that the information was being channeled through me. Although it became apparent that some parts of my life purpose were to remain a mystery, the insights I gained have helped me to feel more peaceful and accepting of my life.


Chantal lead me through this experience with amazing compassion and sensitivity and I will definitely never forget it. 

(Steve - Dordogne)



(Group Regression)

"The session brought about the message that all animals are precious - to the smallest up to the largest ones- and how the wildfires/ deforestation is affecting the world.


Today, mother Gaia, our beloved mother is asking all of us to come back to be part of the ecosystem. It’s about equality. To be humble cuz we are all one. ⭕️💖🌎"

(Anonymous, USA)



The QHHT session I had with you Chantal in April 2017, has bought new clarity, peace and harmony within my life. 


The whole memorable experience has helped me understand the 'meaning of life' and see the bigger picture of my role with in it!


Your vast knowledge, intuitive guidance and caring professionalism in just knowing the right direction  in which to lead the session soon had me pleasantly at ease and relaxed to be able to gain the best from the experience.

I can highly recommend a QHHT session with Chantal to anyone who wishes to make positive changes in their life, looking for a new direction, healing on all levels and enlightenment.


(Linda Summerfield

Director Oasis Retreat - Pyrénées Orientales, France) 



I did a QHHT session with Chantal in September 2016, looking for clarity regarding my professional career, and answers to some nagging old questions about my childhood and health.


I had discovered Dolores Cannon’s work shortly before that and I immediately wanted to do a session. Fortunately Chantal was not too far away and when I called her, it was clear that I was talking to a professional, conscientious practitioner. 


My session with her was fascinating and very useful; she is experienced, competent, taking however much time is necessary to do the work thoroughly, and a very kind and caring person. During the session I always felt comfortable and at ease.


Today, more than 1 year later, my life has changed quite a bit but these changes have come along gradually.


The things I learned during my session have reassured me, and surprised me at times -which proved to me that a higher power is indeed at work here-, and given me the confidence to take action.


Beforehand it was very important to take plenty of time to reflect on the questions I wanted to ask, and the introductory session is an absolute must. An important piece of advice: do not drink more than one cup of liquids before the session!


In short, the experience was 100% positive for me and I am very grateful to Chantal for making it possible.

(Patricia - Pau, France)



I feel it is very important to be open minded and believe that we have all had many lives before the present one, each new lifetime teaching us new things. I also believe that past life regression can help us come to terms with current fears or relationship problems and give us an insight into possible reasons for events and patterns in our current existence.

I went to Chantal with the hope of seeing a life time that I had shared with my recently deceased father. All my life I had had a very good and loving relationship with my dad and when he got to a stage in his life when he was unable to do things as usual I felt a very strong compulsion to help him as much as possible in a way that I felt I owed him something, ie not just the normal wanting to help as all parent, child relationships as the older party becomes infirm.

Chantal was very thorough in her preliminary questioning which enabled her to ask me relevant questions when I was in a state of sort of hypnosis and I regressed to a time when my dad and I had been very strong childhood friends.


The session gave me answers, (answered by myself in a subconscious way) which enabled me to understand my relationship with my dad on a more profound level.  Weirdly, I did not feel unconscious or in a hypnotic state at all throughout the session so sort of thought it wasn't really working, but on listening to the cd afterwards there were a lot of things that I did not remember saying at all! There were also quite frightening moments in the life I regressed to, but again, listening to the tape afterwards, Chantal lead me through the situations and I was in no way traumatized at the end of the session.
(Lesley P - Lot)

Having been to Chantal for a 2nd QHHT session (two years after the 1st one) I was able to establish why my current relationship with a friend is as it is.  


The session gave me the information that we had been rival brothers in the arts during the time of the Renaissance which helped me to come to terms with this friend's need to push me away in this life.  


I have learnt that I must try to be less controlling and more accepting in letting go of things in this life which are not working out as I had wanted.  


The session has also given me a greater understanding of unconditional love for all things.  I feel I have been able to move on with my life with a greater understanding thanks to what I discovered.

(Lesley P - Lot)







Messages from the Universe

I highly reccomend a reading from Chantal Anders I started of with one free question, which lead to a reading. I loved the energy and the clarity and accuracy. I can honestly say I felt like a better me. The healing energy is almost touchable!

(K.S. Iceland)



I had a short reading done by this lovely woman. She read my present relationship situation superbly well! My personal situation was very complex, with both myself and the man concerned in my life; as there were individual elements of us that nobody else would pick up on, as they are not the norm!

I am actually a psychic medium myself; and I was extremely impressed with this lady! I will be booking another reading with her in the near future for sure! This lady is my number one, for both guidance and understanding, regarding my present situation. Thank you again.

Love and Light xxx
(Melanie B. - UK)


Thank you again for a very enlightening and uplifting reading. You made me realise my value and worth! Blessings xXx

(Jade R, UK)



I had the pleasure of this type of reading yesterday. (Name & photo reading).

It was very accurate and I was amazed by the clarity of information and very impressed I the way the information was delivered with truth love and compassion.  I highly recommend Chantal Anders she has a truly beautiful gift x

(Elizabeth E, UK)



As a colleague, I a compelled to comment on my experience with this lovely woman and soul.
At a time when I was struggling, she gave me hope and courage.
Chantal has the ability both to enable you to heal in what ever capacity you require.
When I was afraid, she said, do not fear.

Any time you spend with her, will be rewarding and productive.
She has a finely tuned, innate ability to completely comprehend and guide.


I would recommend her from the bottom of my heart.
Love and much light.  Many thanks dear one. Naomi xx

(Naomi K, US)



Hi Chantal, just wanted to say WOW!!... you were spot on with everything that you said in regards to my love life and career and study! I am very impressed and will be getting a private message hopefully in the near future with you ... Now to figure out what my hobbies are so that I can make a career out of it, like any girl I love shopping and decorating lol Thank You again :)

(Shelley D, US)



First time contact with Chantel and she is spot on with her reading intact very very accurate I would gladly recommend Chantal for spiritual guidance thank you for your help kindest regards.

(Craig G, UK)



Thank you Chantal for my reading.. very true to where I'm at this moment in my life.. anyone who is looking for an accurate read will benefit from you... Again thank you and many blessings xx

(Michelle M, UK)



Chantal is very knowledgeable, my reading from her was absolutely spot on and she also put some very deep rooted memories into perspective. The reading helped me in such a way i can't believe how right she got things and also definatly deeply reassured me of my wonderful dad's presence. i can't thank you enough you have helped me tremendously thankyou x

(Nell G, UK)



Thank you Chantal.  My questions answered relating to pictures sent to you, has helped massively.   I have had many readings before looking for answers, but still never fully getting them.  I think is fantastic way you do it in regards to others, who may be looking for answers in the wrong places for so long they become a part who you are - like myself but with thanks Chantal i am able to heal as last xxx

(Theresa M - UK)



I've just had a photo reading done by Chantal Anders and i would highly recommend her as she was spot on with every thing she said. Thanks Lynn x Love n Light x

(Lynn F - UK)



Accidentally saw a post in my news feed showing an opportunity to get a reading and I am so glad I had it. Received my reading from Chantal and I was happily amazed how beautifully she picked the hidden areas of my life and on going situations.  Looking forward to gettin more guidance from her in near future. Highly Recommended xo

(Ayesha A - Pakistan)


I've just had a photo reading done by Chantal and was surprised that everything she said i can relate to. Highly recommend.  Thank you again, Laura xx love, light and blessings xx

(Laura S - UK)


Thank you so much for my one question reading, everything made sense and made me smile so much. I instantly thought of my Nana when I asked my question and the answer I got, I could relate so much to my Nana. Thank you Chantal Anders. XXX love and light.

(Pippa M - UK)


My hands were unusually stiff and aching when I called on Chantal for three distant Reconnective healing sessions.  
I found the healing has an ability to draw out the 'poisons' that build up.  There is also an authenticity and peacefulness in the process.  My hands feel more steady in their mobility, and strong.    My morale shoots through the roof when I can do what I love without the hindrances' of this disease.
(Jennifer P – Bend, Oregon USA)



Such a lovely person, very gifted and warm hearted, everything she told me was spot on.  I am delighted with my reading,  thanks so much Chantal xxx

(Joan C - UK)


21-day Family Healing -Growing up, I was conditioned into thinking of my ancestors as either victims, or bastards. I was raised with the narrative, "Poor Auntie Whatsit", "Poor Uncle Whosit" . . . "they never stood a chance" etc, or "That Wicked Swine", or "Drunken so and so" etc, etc. Earlier this year, when I discovered that my sister-in-law was expecting her first child, I felt compelled to research and create a family tree for the new addition to the family. Not long after I started, Chantal suggested that I try her new Family Healing Service. Having already experienced Chantal's amazing healing and mediumistic abilities in the past, I jumped at the opportunity. I was not disappointed! I had no idea whatsoever before I started the process just how much negative energy I had absorbed over the years from the conditioning I had received from my up-bringing and also from a particularly awful family dispute, which arose when I was aged around 3 and the negative vibrations of which still run through to this day (33 years later!). Through the Family Healing 'process', for that is what it is, I was able, with Chantal's amazing healing gifts and insights to help to understand and release so much negative energy that had been holding me back. The process with Chantal herself lasted 21 days, but she told me that the healing energy would continue to unfold for many months more and indeed it has, with the effects still being felt today (mid-October 2013) - several months after the actual daily process ended. I sense that the effects will be felt for a number of years as different pieces of the jigsaw as it were, continue to be put together. This was one of the most worthwhile and indeed life-changing things I have ever done. I cannot over-state that if you feel that you are carrying round old, stale energy from your family, you could do nothing finer than undertake this process with Chantal - the results are incredible and will more than re-pay your original time and monetary investment.


(A year later...)

It's coming up to a year since I did the family healing process with Chantal and as the months have gone by I've felt the energy actually building and increasing; it's been getting stronger, not weaker. I was quite surprised by this at first, but it makes sense when you think that the negative ties go back over many generations, over centuries - a bit like sunshine hitting an iceberg - you can see the initial impact, but it then takes time for the ice to begin to melt - this is how it feels with the family healing process. Over the months little things have fallen into place to allow me to link in with family members past, understand their behaviour and forgive them with love. It's not easy to describe how it works, because I have experienced it mainly on a feeling level, so it's very difficult to put into words, but the main thing I would like to say is if you are drawn to this process, do not hesitate to do it, it will be worth every penny and you could be saving yourself and your family from another generation of negative emotion".

(L. A - Lincolnshire, UK)








Reconnective Healing/The Reconnection

Hi Chantal, Anything I say won't be enough to quite express the change in me since your healing session... Since a week ago I've been swimming 100 continuous lengths in my 10m long pool and today I did 150!!! So in total I have swum 4500m in 4 days. I had only ever once swum 100 lengths in one go before and had felt shattered. Now, even after 150 I could have carried on!!


Also in my relationship I've totally accepted the way things are and am enjoying the present moments with it's gifts and voila, he's more attentive than ever.. Literally... He's changed also since the healing...


As a reflection of change!!! My cravings for chocolate have disappeared... For bread, too... My cough has totally gone and my voice is perfect again. Massive thank you Chantal for the wonderful change you have activated in me.

(Helen S., UK)


Thank you, Chantal for the reconnective healing  session yesterday.  I feel so good today and the pain in my kidney is gone!

(Ann H, Norway)


I went to Chantal for a course of three reconnective healings when I was experiencing numbness and pain in my hands, due possibly to a sort of repetitive strain injury caused by my carving. I am a sculptor so my hands are my life and I did not want a doctor to suggest any sort of drastic invasive surgery or drugs. I also believe that illness of any sort is not purely physical but is also connected to thought patterns, and lifestyle.


My hands did not immediately become miraculously better (as is normal in any sort of alternative therapy) but they gradually improved, and now, one year on I am practically back to normal. I think the reconnective healing works on your spirit as well as your physical body and I certainly felt very calm and optimistic after just one session. I would go to Chantal again for further treatments should the need arise and I am very happy with this holistic approach to illness and dis-ease.
(L.P. - Lot)



My hands were unusually stiff and aching when I called on Chantal for three distant Reconnective healing sessions.  

I found the healing has an ability to draw out the 'poisons' that build up.  There is also an authenticity and peacefulness in the process.  My hands feel more steady in their mobility, and strong.    My morale shoots through the roof when I can do what I love without the hindrances' of this disease.
(Jennifer P – Bend, Oregon USA)



My dog Rolo had a cancerous tumour removed. Chantal sent her a healing and I am happy to say that Rolo is still doing well. During the healing, Chantal saw some images of Rolo that revealed some of Rolo's past traumas which really suprised and amazed me because there would have been no way that Chantal could have known Rolo's history otherwise. She has also sent prayers for my friend's son who had a near fatal accident. Chantal assured me that spirits were doing a deep healing for him. He too has been making a remarkable recovery from his brain injuries. I would certainly recommend Chantal as a healer as she most definitely has a gift.
(Roshni S - London)



I had severe headache for days when Chantal offered to send me distant healing. I gladly accepted because I knew she can help me to release the energy that was causing it. After a few treatments I felt much better and soon the headache was gone. As a healer myself I know to whom I can trust and can feel the energy of Chantal being filled with much love and compassion for her clients. The energy she sends is very gentle and loving, but also very effective.  If you seek for an understanding, open-minded and compassionate healer, Chantal is an excellent choice.

(Natalija P -  Croatia)



Chantal recently did a distance healing for a family member of mine.  She had never met, or spoken to this person (all she had was a photograph) and yet she was able to pass on some very profound and astoundingly accurate insights that she had received during her work.  Moreover, she has such a beautiful way of expressing what she sees and feels. . . I would describe it as spiritual poetry and there is healing in her words alone.  


I sat next to Chantal every day for 6 days at the Masters of Metaphysics Course run by Margaret McElroy in Seattle in April 2011. She carries the most beautiful, gentle, yet powerful healing energy, it did me the world of good!  
(Louise A - England)


I had a reconnective healing with Chantal last week.  Prior to the session I had been experiencing a nagging feeling of uneasiness for a few days (this was NOT in any way connected to the session - it related to some  current life events). 


I went to relax at the appointed time as Chantal had instructed me to and bang on the start time I felt what I would describe as a "whoosh" of light come through my head, but it was a lovely feeling NOT at all scary. 


Slowly over the coming minutes I felt and this may sound a bit weird, but it's the only way I can describe it,  I felt a wave of sparkly light/energy begin to travel through my body.  It felt lovely but I was still feeling the sense of nagging uneasiness and I thought to myself well I have been feeling really bad the last few days I can't expect miracles and I knew the energy was helping but I just assumed that it wouldn't be able to clear my negative feeling. 


However, slowly but surely the beautiful "sparkly energy" seemed to grow and grow and become more and more powerful and it literally began to dissolve the negative feelings I had been experiencing, it was really incredible.  After the session I was left with a feeling of such peace and well being, I felt like I was floating on a cloud, I was so relaxed. 


After the session the card reading with Chantal and the inutitive guidance she gave me was absolutely spot on.  I had the best night's sleep for as long as I could rememeber that night and woke up feeling really refreshed.  That day I felt super tuned in intuitively and I was getting insight after insight into issues that had been bothering me for ages. Thank you Chantal".
(Louise Ashcroft, England)


Just to let you know that what you have done for me is just unbelievable !

No more regular migraines since I have had those 2 crisis ones this summer. Now when I start having a headache, it will go away by taking tablets.

I am also less stressed, nothing compared to before and I am more open and express my feeling a bit more instead of keeping everything for myself.

A big thank you to you
(Anne M, England)