Reconnective Healing


Reconnective Healing harmonises your body bringing it into balance on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.  


This harmonisation brings you the possibility of getting rid of old traumas and revitalising you  - at times in a spectacular way, at times less visible yet on a very deep level.  

Reconnective Healing can help to:

  • Reduce anxieity and stress

  • Soothe physical pain

  • Calm phobias

  • Clear blockages in your life

  • Raise your level of consciousness and vibrational frequency

  • Relief of skin problems/burns

  • Improve confidence

  • Increase intuition

  • Have more energy

I also do Reconnective Healing for animals.

I facilitate these healings either in person, or by distance -  each are equally powerful and effective.

The healing session lasts approximately 45 minutes; all you need do is  lie down and be comfortable & relaxed.

It is advised to have 3 healing sessions.

45€  - adults

40€  - pets



For you and your pets

I am a member of  the AFPLR (l’Association Française de Praticiens de la Reconnexion) and follow the method & teachings as taught by Eric Pearl and adhere to the ethical chart as set out at: