QHHT® Discovery Workshop (Group)                                         of  Dolores Cannon's method

Comme discover Dolores Cannon's method during a QHHT® Group Discovery Workshop,  ​QHHT® (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)

to experience and know more of this wonderful evolutionnary method. 

6 places maximum - (minimum 3 people)

In Douelle, in the Lot region of France.


If you would like to reserve an date these are open Saturday  afternoons - or a weekday.  Please contact me direct to arrange.

Cost: 35 € per person


I begin by explaining this wonderful method for 15 minutes, followed by four beautiful meditations.



You will be guided by your soul to


  • Visit a past life


  • Meet your guardian angel/your spirit guide


  • Visit a future existence


  • A healing meditation + contact for answers to 2 of your questions



 The objective is to learn what you need to know for your evolution and well-being.


You will be lying on your back during the session so please bring a blanket (floor mats are provided).  Please also bring with you paper and a pen to note information after each meditation.   You are not obliged to share the information you receive during the meditations. 



The Discovery Workshop is not the same as a complete QHHT session.  The Discovery Workshop will help you understand how this beautiful method works, to have contact with your soul - and is very helpful in preparing those who wish to eventually have a complete QHHT session.


€35 per person

To hold a group session there needs to be a

minmum of 3 people






Sessions in French & English

​​(pour lire en français cliquez ici)

I am a member of  Dolores Cannon's Official QHHT Association and follow the method & teachings as taught by Dolores Cannon and adhere to the ethical chart as set out at: http://www.qhhtofficial.com


To read additional testimonials click on the image below.

I am an  active member of the international Quantum Healers community


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