Guidance Messages from the Universe - 30 min

Name & photo (+ Tarot)

This is a reading to either answer a few of your questions - or look at a specific situation (love, work, family) - or if you prefer, to give you a general overlook. 

Medium by birth I developed the ability to connect to the universe for messages and readings with the Tarot for over 25 years.

Guidiance is connected to the present moment with future possibilites based on the energies surrounding you.

I begin by writing your details on a piece of paper  (your name & surname).

I then connect to the vibrations of your name + photo, noting down what I receive psychically from spirit for the "present moment"- either clairaudiently,  through images or a simple "downloading" of information.


If you have any questions involving other people I will need their names & photos as well (including those close to you who may have passed). 


The answers reveal the cause and/or solution to your questions - which I then consult the Tarot and divine Oracle cards for further information.


The messages are always positive with the aim of helping you connect to your own intuitive knowing and confidence.



If you are unable to see me in person we can schedule a consultation via Skype, telephone or Facebook Messenger. 

Duration:  30 minutes

To send your name + photos:

35 euros

I am do not connect for questions concerning health issues - nor any  question susceptible of preventing your free will.


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