Introspective Hypnosis

 created by Aurélio Méjia (taught by Antonio Sangio)


Sessions in English & French

Introspective Hypnosis® (in person or online)

Introspective Hypnosis®, created by Aurelio Mejia and today adapted and taught by Antonio Sangio (with the assistance of Alba Weinman) is a method combining regression, forgiveness therapy and spiritual releasement. 

Healing from the source Introspective Hypnose helps change our inner representations caused by an event and to help heal associated psychosomatic problems. 

We also work on entity attachment and spiritual releasement if this is needed.

We begin the session with an interview during which I note your information and  three problems you would like to work on.  

You are then connected to past memories and to the origins of certain emotional/physical problems so as to release you from them as well as from any spiritual attachments if needed.  You will be connected to your inner guidance and often with your guides.  A body scan and energy healing of your etheric bodies will also take place. 

Introspective Hypnosis is an adaptable method to work on specific problems you are facing, combining the following techniques :

- Ericksonian Hypnosis

- Past life regression

- Forgiveness therapy: to free oneself from conflictual situations stemming from emotional blockages, either in this life or past lives, often being the origin of psychosomatic problems (boulimia, anorexia, allergies, anxieties, low self-esteem etc...)

- Spiritual assistance : releasing piritual attachments.  One of the major tasks in Introspective Hypnosis is to change our inner representations caused by an event and to help heal associated psychosomatic problems (fears, phobias, addictions etc.)from

4 heures

222 €



Please note I make no recommendation, promise or guaranty.  Nor  do I make any disagnostic or prognosis, and I treat no particular health issue.  Your medical treatment and your health monitoring remains your responsability.  Even if you inquire about alternative methods, that are not recognised, do not wait to make an appointment with your medical practitners who they alone can take charge of your diagnosis and treatment.  These sessions I propose do not in any way subsistute the advice or treatment provided by health professionals.  ddand yo