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BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) Hypnosis

 created by Candace Craw Goldman

BQH Hypnosis (Beyond Quantum Healing) Online


BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) Hypnosis is a hypnosis method created and developped by Candace Craw-Goldman who was Dolores Cannon's assistant during 10 years.  

It is a heart-based intuitive method which goes beyond the classic QHHT method using her own technique that also allows pracitioners to adapt to the client's specific needs using their skills and knowledge.

For myself this is incorporating BQH certain aspects of Introspective Hypnosis (Antonio Sangio) with Shamanic Hypnosis (Lorna Wilson), as well as my mediumship abilities.

BQH Hypnosis Online sessions are ideal for those who are unable to travel, live far away or prefer to be in the comfort of their own home.


I will begin the session by getting to know you:  your childhood, your life today and what you would like to understand and change. 

The aim is to help you find the keys to create the life you wish and/or general information you need in connecting to your inner wisdom (your Super Conscious) and to energetically heal ​all that is needed to give way for new energies.

​This session will help you connect to your soul to

  • Understand your life mission & who you are

  • Find the origins of certain traumas connected to past lives and/or childhood

  • Find the origins of addictions & phobias and release them

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Forgiveness

  • Spritual assistance to clean energies (and release entities if needed to the light)

  • Connect you to your gifts & abilities

  • Have the answers to all your essential (25) questions

  • Gain confidence & joy



The session can be focused on a specific theme if you wish:  work, family, love life, physical issues, trauma, your spiritual questions. 



Connecting to you intuitively during the session I will be guided to suggest important areas to work on with your permission.

I will then look at your list of questions (15 maximum) that you will have sent me at the beginning of the session and we will adjust if necessary. 

In a beautiful state of trance you will be guided by your soul (Super Conscious) to visit what is needed for you (1-3 past lives, conversation with your Super Conscious/your guides/guardian angel, source etc.)

The length of the session depends on the individual person's needs. 

(Normally 4-5 hours but up to 6 hours if needed).

4-5 hours



No information will be recorded, filmed or published without your advance permission and your privacy & anonymity guaranteed. 


Please note....

Each session is unique.


Often a person will remember quite a few details just after the session which will quickly fade similar to waking up from a dream. Occasionally the person will remember everything. If one is very cerebral or has an unconscious fear of letting go, even under a lighter trance beautiful and profound work will take place.  You just need to put your analytical left brain aside and accept all that comes to you.  Each person receives eactly what they need and are ready for at the time of the session.


It is rare (3 out of 100 people approx.) that a person will go into a somnambulistic trance.


One session is usually all that is needed, but often people like to come for sessions in which case it is a good idea to wait a 2-3 months. 


"We each have a special place

we go to where we re-energise

and feel peace and our connection

to the universe. 

This magic place you create

when you are not on earth

and can return to for healing

body,mind & spirit from your guides, receive their messages and all healing and help that you need."

(A Message from the Universe

- Chantal Anders)




Please note I make no recommendation, promise or guaranty.  Nor  do I make any disagnostic or prognosis, and I treat no particular health issue.  Your medical treatment and your health monitoring remains your responsability.  Even if you inquire about alternative methods, that are not recognised, do not wait to make an appointment with your medical practitners who they alone can take charge of your diagnosis and treatment.  These sessions I propose do not in any way subsistute the advice or treatment provided by health professionals.  ddand yo

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